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Saga en Panama

Fecha: 14 de Julio

Lugar: Ateneo de la Ciudad del Saber

Hora: 8:00 p.m





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Una vez hayas completado la transferencia o el deposito, envíanos una captura de pantalla o foto con el comprobante de la transacción a

Saga En Concierto Panama


Saga are a Canadian rock band, formed in Oakville, Ontario. Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band’s guitarist; apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions with Asia. The band’s keyboardist, Scottish-born Jim “Daryl” Gilmour, joined Saga in December 1979 after Greg Chadd left the band in August 1979 (Chadd joined Saga in December 1978 after original member Peter Rochon left the band to become a full-time music equipment company executive shortly after the band’s first album was released).

After the 2003 Marathon tour, Steve Negus, Saga’s original drummer, announced his retirement. Christian Simpson, a Canadian-American, replaced Negus for 2004’s Network album, until sidelined by a neurological condition that affected his drumming. In late 2005, former Helix member Brian Doerner became Saga’s third drummer in as many years. Doerner suffered a heart attack in 2007 and was replaced by Chris Sutherland (of the Kim Mitchell Band) for the 10,000 Days Tour and Contact DVD, more recently Mike Thorne has joined the band. Lead singer Michael Sadler left Saga for family reasons at the end of the 2007 tour. Rob Moratti replaced Sadler in April 2008, after an Internet talent search, spanning Europe and both Americas, failed to yield a potential lead vocalist. On January 28, 2011, an official statement was made announcing Michael Sadler’s return as the lead singer of Saga. Saga have been awarded gold and platinum albums worldwide and have sold more than 8 million albums.